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Solving a vexing vortex.  An Article per Boston College edu.



Researchers have long sought to control quantum states in materials for use in a next generation of high-speed computing—so-called quantum computing that scientists predict could one day lead to operations beyond the realm of classical computers.

But quantum computing—performing operations by employing quantum states such as nuclear spins, Josephson-junction arrays, and nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamonds—has run up against a range of barriers that restrict achieving true functionality.

What is needed is a quiet place—a platform free of the quantum-phase disruptions posed by noise and decoherence and other errors that derail quantum operations...

The team demonstrated through theoretical calculations that it is possible to construct QAVs to realize robust Majorana zero modes (MZMs)—exotic topological quantum states within in a mysterious particle proposed by Italian physicist Ettore Majorana in 1937.

Today, the researchers say quantum information can be stored in a pair of spatially separated MZMs—a Majorana qubit—which is resistant to fault disruptions caused by noise and decoherence..."

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