About Us

The Philosophy of Design

Know that you, our customer are our business’ greatest goal. We work for you. Our greatest strength is the skill, know-how, and focus that we bring combined with our knowledge, years of experience, education, and most especially our creativity to make real your product logo, packaging, and the successful launch of the new face of your product.

Formal Education

Software Engineer with three certifications including verification and validation.  Educated in psychology linguistics and cognitive learning. Bachelor of Arts degree.


...Between you and me

Graphic design is all about depth, seeing in your mind's eye the total image as described by you, the customer.  I start with my free-hand drawing.   From  that point on, I use my mind's eye to obtain clarity, composition, immediacy of the viewer's interpretation, and understanding of the image in order to start a conversation between the viewer and the design.  The destination of that conversation is the emotion and its contextual meaning that you, the customer intended to convey.  It can be a complex process to be sure and one that entails dedication, collaboration, discussion, and much effort to achieve the final result.  That is what I do and love to do.

Technology Career


SyntacticRUs Designs LLC brings education in software engineering from one of the most well-known universities in the world in Boston, MA; plus, years of professional experience as an information technology subject matter expert in web development, quality assurance, risk analysis, cyber security, digital marketing for consumer products, regulatory expertise in national and international financial services, insurance agencies, banking, manufacturing, federal and state healthcare platforms and retail merchandise.


Graphic and Web Design

Graphic and web design since 1998, gonetsite.com and gohealthcare.com

Career spans twenty years as a recognized information technology subject matter expert in risk assessment, software integration, and cyber security.

Next Steps...

SyntacticRUs Designs LLC, boutique graphic design services has at the ready evidence of its top ranked pages on Google and other search engines from its founder's archives.

As a result, we offer composition services for new products or service identity.  And, we evidence the successful application of a Trademark with the US PTO from its start.

What is your design project?